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Email Images & PDF Data Extraction System using MODI (OCR)

Title:                 Email Data Management system that filters emails based on predetermined parameters. Brief Description: The project I am working on is to develop an intelligent system that filters emails which are required by the user and then move the contents of the mail or attachment in database. For this software to do these tasks, I am using multiple techniques so the whole procedure may be done without any failure. Tools and Techniques: To filter mails based on predetermined parameters, I am using various tools and techniques so that this software will provide best results. This software is written in C #.NET language and for the database I have used MS SQL Server. I am going to mention the functionality of the system and tools and techniques which have been used in it. ØThis Software is a web based application which provides users the facility to get their mails filtered and the data which they required saved in DB. ØUser needs ID and Password for the software then after getti…

Solution - Validation of viewstate MAC failed. If this application is hosted by a Web Farm or cluster

How To Fix the: “Validation of viewstate MAC failed” Error (ASP.NET MVC)November 23rd, 2009Goto commentsLeave a comment I run my site on a Windows Shared Hosting account, and every time I updated the assemblies on my ASP.NET MVC site I’d be presented with the “Validation of viewstate MAC failed” error. The “Validation of viewstate MAC failed” error only occurred when a page contained an HTML form element that made use of MVC’s AntiForgeryToken. The quick fix was to delete my__RequestVerificationToken cookie, but the error would rear its ugly head the minute I touched my assemblies. The long term solution was to add a machineKey element to my Web.config file – asking visitors to delete a specific cookies when visiting my site was not a viable option. How I fixed the “Validation of viewstate MAC failed” error on Shared Hosting:
Have you ever needed to generate a MachineKey to use in your application's configuration file or in machine.config? You may need a MachineKey in several scena…