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Bulk PKNIC Prepaid Cards, .PK New Domains & Renewals at Rs. 1850 Only - Navicosoft

About .PK DomainNavicosoftprovides domain names in the .PK ccTLD (country code Top Level Domain) namespace. This includes domain names with, ,,, as well as various government only sub-domains like etc. Clients can buy domain namesand additional services like web hosting directly here. ORDER a PKNIC Card Right Now For Only Rs. 1850

Affordable and best Linux Shared hosting solution with low cost Navicosoft

Low-Cost Hosting Solutions As the IT sector advances all the time, advancedcheap hosting servicesare brought in to make web site development and management easier than ever. Ashared hostingaccount with the smallest server storage and monthly bandwidth amounts used to cost tens of dollars per month, but at present, some distributors offer unmetered plans for merely a fraction of the cost, enabling users and small companies to have their place in the online universe. Discounted, Dependable Shared Hosting Plans The creation of more powerful configurations and the distribution of different tasks between different hosting servers allow providers to furnish qualitative, yet cheap hosting plans. With ashared hostingpackage, every client receives an account on a web hostingserver and since a number of other persons share the same server, the price of the account is very low. Based on the specific provider, there may be hard disk space, monthly bandwidth or central processing unit usage limita…