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Smartermail Service keeps Crashing | Stopped Frequently Solution


HI we are using SM 11.7 Enterprise Whenever someone makes a change in Plesk CP, when plesk talks to SM its crashing. when we go to the SM page, it says: Server Error in '/' Application.No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it the service is still running, if we restart the MailService.exe process it starts working again. We originally thought this was a Plesk issue and opened up a ticket with Parallels, however they have said its an issue with Smartermail and I should contact smartertools. As its a Bank holiday i thought i would post on the forums to see if anyone else knows the fix to this, as likely no support available until next week. nothing is in event viewer about this, ie a crash log as the service does not stop to log anything.
SOLUTION I've contacted the SmarterMail support and solved this issue. Just kill the mailservice.exe process and restart the service. That should solve this issue.

PLESK 12 HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable - SOLUTION


"HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable" when opening Parallels Plesk Panel Article ID: 6735, created on Sep 30, 2009, last review on Jul 3, 2015 Applies to:Plesk SymptomsUpon trying to open Parallels Plesk Panel in your browser you receive the following error: "HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable."
Parallels Plesk Panel uses IIS as a Web server.
IIS Advanced Logging or IIS Mod-Rewrite is installed on the server.
Third-party ISAPI filters are registered in the PleskControlPanel website as shown in the following screenshot:


You can change the "PleskControlPanel" application pool Identity and then try to browse your control panel.

Following are the steps to change the application pool Identity.

Log in your server.

1. Type "inetmgr" in RUN.
2. You will get IIS opened.
3. Click on applicaion pools
4. Right click on "PleskControlPanel" application pool.
5. Advance >> Identity >> change it to 'Local system…