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Best Settings for EXIM Cpanel for Retry email settings - Mail queue always full


Can anyone tell me how to set the maximum retries to 2 or 3 times maximum before they are added to a failed retries folder or similar?

Is it possible to make different settings on the retries for different domains?

I am trying to make sure the mail queue doesn't keep filling up.

Hi there. I had the same odd problem some time ago, and after reading a lot the exim docs, I got the solution and now it is working like a breeze, with no more than 15 messages in the queue at the same time (well, may you find more messages if some customers send massive newsletters or if using news groups, but then, they never will be more than 600 in a given time  ).
Hope this helps, since I wanted to share this since some time ago.

At first, you need to know that every time you click Save on the cPanel Exim Config Editor, the entire Exim config file is fully rewritten. So, if you manually change anything there, it will be lost next time …