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Mount a new drive in CentOS after Restart

Like windows, we can format and make a new drive available for use by using the following simple steps Step 1:
It is needed to verify whether the new drive is visible in the system. Using fdisk command, it can be identified.
fdisk -l
It will list all drives available in the system including mounted and unmounted drives. Here assume a new drive label is /dev/ssd Step 2:
It is needed to create the file system ext4(in shortly say as formatting drive). So make sure drive is fresh/empty one. It a drive has already data, don’t enter this step, instead skip to next step. The following command helps to create file system
mkfs -t ext4 /dev/ssd Step 3:
Now create a new directory in the root(or in desired path) to mount a formatted drive using mkdir command
mkdir mntssd Step 4:
To mount the formatted drive with newly created directory, use the mount command
mount /dev/ssd mntssd
Now drive is available for use under mntssd directory Step 5:Actually mounted drive will not be available once rebooted. To avoid th…