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It might sound like a plain question, but it is surely a valid one for less technically minds. Web hosting is in existence with the advent of internet technology. It has been rapidly growing with each passing day. For building an online web identity, one needs to invest in web hosting as there is no other way around. Even web hosting is the most underappreciated part of the web. Everything you love over the internet, including memes, podcasts, gaming, tweets, etc., lives on a hosting server to stay live. Or it can be said that web hosting is an essential yet invisible part of the internet. 


From where to get sincere hosting advice?

Hosting advice is a well-known hosting review website. This website's main focus is to compare various hosting platforms and let people know about authentic hosting websites. HostingAdvice was launched in December 2014. According to their experts, they are one of the most trusted, genuine, and dependable platforms for hosting advice found on the web today.  


Also, HostingAdvice is a website created by professional web experts having good hands-on work with 50 years of experience. Not only that, but they help people differentiate between real, authentic websites and spammy and unreliable ones. They claim to have a reputation as the best guide towards providing the best web hosting guide to people.


Features for remarkable hosting:

Building a website is not a tricky task but choosing the right hosting platform is! If someone is considering launching a website, he should be familiar with a few of the web hosting aspects before purchasing it. Although it is easier to swiftly create a creative, functional layout of a website yet, there are a lot of concepts to wrap the head around. So how can it be differentiated if a platform is right to choose or not? If it fulfills the specific needs of hosting or not? What should be the features of remarkable web hosting? Have a look below to get a clear idea:


Speed: Did you know? Even a two-second delay can cause your website to lose potential clients! In today's era where everyone is in the hustle, everyone demands a website at lightning-loading speed. According to HostingAdvice platform, one must pick a provider who can deliver the apt amount of resources, including speed, unlimited bandwidth, and space.


Security measures: The most crucial feature of web hosting is security. Your website should keep up with all security standards, including malware detection and protection from cyber-attacks. While choosing any hosting platform, make sure if they are keeping up with all security standards.


Customer support: Proactive & knowledgeable customer support is crucial for website hosting. Whatever kind of website it is, it can get crashed at any point. If the support team does not respond instantly, it can cause an adverse effect on the reputation of the website. So it is better to go with a hosting platform that takes customer support seriously. 


Maximum uptime: No matter if the website is taking nanoseconds to load, if the website is not accessible to the user, then it is of no use. The website should must have at least 97% of uptime. According to HostingAdvice, you should choose the hosting platform wisely in terms of uptime. As some hosting platforms even promise to compensate for the loss. The advice of the HostingAdvice platform is to be with a hosting company that is confident enough in its capabilities of providing the maximum uptime.  


A reliable hosting review platform


If we talk more in-depth, then we must say that HostingAdvice is a home to suggest unique resources in the web hosting industry. According to them, they are one of the best hosting guides covering all technical aspects of web hosting. Also, they display the expert's reviews and ratings for the best hosting platforms.


 In contrast to other unreliable, fraudulent, or spammy hosting advice websites, the experts at HostingAdvice take extra care while reviewing only authentic web hosting websites globally. The criteria at which the company analyzes hosting companies is extracted from various factors,

including hosting features, customer support, reliability, customer reviews, and pricing. Undoubtedly, with more and more readers knowing about HostingAdvice, it is getting more and more popular.


As people hate the fake review sites with lies spread all around plaguing the hosting reviews, HostingAdvice is though a good website to look at. The programmers and tech managers know how to generate a great piece of advice. Since creating a web existence is not just a hobby, one must know where to get fine services. So it should be said that HostingAdvice

keeps things straight and clear because the more things are complex, the more it gets harder for people to choose.


The specialty of HostingAdvice:

According to the HostingAdvice experts, they eat, breathe, and sleep with all things web. The saying of their experts clearly defines about what the company gets paid is for the big bucks to know the stuff. Till now, with the combined effort of 54 years, they have built & launched everything from vertical-leading sites to small-scale personal projects. The opinion of HostingAdvice is to look no further other than HostingAdvice for precise advice.  



The evolving IT company more than just web hosting:


Recently, a review article for NavicoSoft has been written by the team. Since NavicoSoft is a full IT service provider firm providing web hosting, website development, SEO, and SEM services across the globe, the way HostingAdvice has portrayed the services is something very

unique and applaudable. Starting from the history to till date, each thing has been covered in a detailed manner.


As they have mentioned, NavicoSoft is a one-stop shop for hosting solutions and serves more than 10000 clients worldwide. Furthermore, the company launched in Asia has a skilled team of experts related to the services. Now expanding the physical locations in the UK and Australia,

NavicoSoft is mainly built over trust, reliability, and integrity.

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