Top 5 Affordable Web Hosting Companies in Pakistan; Web Hosting in Pakistan

Top 5 Web Hosting Companies in Pakistan

While you start your internet presence needs in Pakistan, whether you are a blogger or a an E-Commerce website person then you would definitely be searching for a reliable, affordable, tension free, cheap & the best web hosting company in Pakistan. for your online business. If a web hosting company exists Physically in Pakistan then it's really very good as far web hosting company support is concerned. If the web hosting company has a local office in Lahore, karachi, Islamabad or Peshawar then you can visit their office & discuss your issues related to any of your technology like PHP, mysqlUnlimited hosting, Crystal Reports, Asp.NET, E Commerce, Wordpress, Magento, Python, Multiple PHP version etc. . I am listing some of the best web hosting companies in Pakistan so you may find their cheap web hosting packages suitable for your needs.

Best Cheapest 5 Web Hosting Companies in Pakistan

Every web hosting company in Pakistan actually don't have their own data centers here in Pakistan but they lease web servers from any data center in US or other countries & sell their hosting.
Since 2004, Navicosoft has carved an image in the hosting industry in Pakistan growing from 1 client upto 5000+ hosted websites. With US based servers, the company is proud to provide their customers with state of the art web hosting and domain registration services to its clients at very cheap prices. Uptime of the servers is almost 100% and your site will perform faster on shared plans with Navicosoft on Linux Shared Hosting on Navicosoft CPanel Servers. They also provide Windows Hosting on Windows Shared Hosting than any other company. In addition, support of the company is also brilliant and you will get instant help whenever you will face any issue with your website or blog.
HosterPK is yet another fast growing web hosting company in Pakistan. Most servers of the company are located in Germany. The company offers the cheapest hosting in the country. Support will also satisfy you and you will be helped instantly whenever you need assistance. The flexible plans at HosterPK allow you to choose a suitable package according to your blog or website’s need.

Our next recommendation is‘s hosting services at which you will find brilliant web hosting features at affordable prices. The company is serving Pakistani bloggers and website owners for a long period of 14 years since 1999 and it has a large number of satisfied customers. These stats show that Nexus is really doing well in filed of web hosting.
CreativeOn is operational since 2001 and is providing quality web hosting services to its clients at affordable prices. Not only in Pakistan, the company has many satisfied customers from all over the globe. You will also find it a perfect choice for your online business as others do.
Our last recommendation is‘s hosting. It is among the oldest web hosting companies in Pakistan. is providing hosting services since 1996 and has a good number of satisfied and happy customers.
These were top five web hosting companies in Pakistan. The list doesn’t end here, there are many other good web hosting companies also about which I don’t know a lot, so I restricted my list to these five hosting companies. If you have any suggestion, then don’t forget to share with us by leaving your comment below. Thank you!

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