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how to change witribe wlan password? how to secure your witribe router

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 How to Secure Your
 wi-tribe Wi‐Fi Modem 2
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After setting up the wi‐tribe Wi‐Fi modem:

 - Connect one end of the LAN cable to your
 computer’s LAN / Ethernet port

 - Connect the other end of the LAN cable to the back of the
 Wi‐Fi modem

 - Open your internet browser window and type in the address bar and press ‘enter’

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• On the log-in screen that pops up, enter username as ‘guest’
• In the password field, type “witribe” in lower case alphabets
• Click ‘login’ to continue
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Click on ‘System Status’ on the bottom of the screen
and select ‘WLAN’ from the menu 5
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• In the ‘WLAN SSID’ field, enter a preferred name for
your network 6
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• In the ‘Encryption Type’ menu, select ‘WPA
Personal’ 7
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• In the ‘WPA Mode’ menu, select ‘Auto(WPA or
WPA2)’ 8
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• In ‘Key’, enter your preferred network key
 (minimum 8 characters long)
• Click on ‘Save’ and close the window 9
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• Unplug the LAN cable from your computer and search for
wireless networks
• Click on the network you have set up to connect
• Enter your ‘Network Key’ and click on ‘Connect’
The wireless network setup is now complete 10
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Thank you

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