On page SEO Vs Off page SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization that is a process of searching different websites on different search engines such as Google, yahoo, and MSN.

Ways to Improve Ranking 

There are two ways to improve the ranking of your website on any search engine by making your contents summarized, concise and simple. These ways are (on page and off page SEOs). If you write your contents outside your home page or a website is called off page SEO. On page SEO is quite opposite to the off page SEO. In on page SEO, your contents should look relevant, concise and most importantly simple to read for reader or for your website user inside your website.

Critical Analysis

On page SEO is very crucial to any business, no matter it’s a small scale business or a medium or even a big scale. It directly helps to improve the productivity of your business and leaves a strategic impact on others. Your competitors always face a tough situation when on page SEO is constantly applied. Your brand gets its recognition as well. Whereas off page SEO always take place outside your website. To improve the ranking on search engines and to bring the potential users to improve your business by leaving the comments or blogging up and leaving link for your website is an off page SEO. Currently, in a real competitive market of World Wide Web browsing it is necessary to do off page SEO along with the on page SEO for the better results of improving your website rank.

Your Business Requirement

At the time of decision about on page or off page SEO the size of your business will be considered and the decision will come up accordingly. If you are a small scale business then the strategy will be the different, the different tools of improving optimization will be applied. Blogs, Social media, sharing either photos or videos are all the examples of off page SEO But the question is that what your business really requires for SEO?

SEO in the Era of Postmodernism

The combination of applying both on page and off page SEOs has been seeing for a long time now. With the passage of time, changing dynamics of businesses and in the era of postmodernism off page SEO is almost compulsory for making your website or a business rank improved.


In the end, it can be concluded, if you have the more readers of your contents then there are more chances for increasing the sale.

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