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What is a Web Hosting company?

Web hosting company is a service provider that provides services for webpages ,technologies and optimized services needed for Internet marketing.

Web hosting company services
Web hosting company give their services to host websites at a specific rent. As the web hosting company host your website it can give access to its users by providing them with a specific URL. By doing that computer actually connects users to its server where the website is being hosted.

Web hosting and domain
Web hosting is actually an account over the web which is also called as ‘Sever’ that serves the website.
‘Domain’ is actually a human access word which is also readable, e.g., amazon.com that directs the web traffic to particular website files via a search browser.
In simple words, Domain is a web address on the Internet.
Top Web hosting Companies of year 2020
Following are the top web hosting companies of year 2020 uptill now:
Bluhost is a web hosting company that is very secure and reliable and it is owned by Endurance International Group. It is among the 20 largest web hosting companies all over the Globe. It is providing 2 million domains along with its sister companies like FastDomain and HostMonster.
Why Bluhost?
This web hosting company provides the following refined services:
·       Full-service website
·       Services of SEO
·       Migration of website
·       Paay-per-click services

A2hosting is another big company providing web hosting services.
A2Hosting Services
They claim to provide the fastest and blazing hosting services as a web hosting services.They provide web hosting services for professional developers as well as for the beginners. This web hosting company has a solution to al the needs of its users. They also provide free site transfer means.
Hostinger is a very reliable web hosting company.
Why Hostinger?
It is a very big name in the world of web hosting companies. Many users are using it for personal and client hosting since 2014.And are quite satisfied with the webhosting services this web hosting company provides.
Why Hostinger?
The reasons for choosing Hostinger as Web hosting company are as follows:
·       Ver well optimized for wordpress
·       It has a enhanced security
·       It is very developer friendly
·       It has a blazing speed

It is a reliable and stable web hosting company. It has many advantages over other web hosting companies:
Why DreamHost
DreamHost has the following advantages over others:
·      Super easy to use
·      It is fully featured
·      Very reliable and fast
·      It has 24/7 expert support and customer services

Hostgator is very fast,reliable as well as secure web hosting company.
It covers small businesses to enterprise work.
Why Hostgator?
This web hosting company provide services like:
·       Website Builder
·       Hosting for WordPress
·       Hosting of VPS
·       Dedicated Hosting

InMotion Hosting
InMotion Hosting is very safe and secure web hosting company. It provides very effective services to its users.
Why InMotion Hosting?
InMotion Hosting,web hosting company provides the following services:
·       WordPress Hosting
·       VPS Hosting
·       Dedicated Servers
·       Shared Hosting

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