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How can I make a stronger password?

It is important to have a password that is easy to remember, but hard to guess.

Hackers can guess your password if it is a name or word from the dictionary.
The best password will contain the following:

At least two Capital letters
At least one lower-case letter
At least one number
At least two symbols
Writing down your password is the most common security risk.
But imagining and then remembering such a password can be difficult.
Ok, here is how to make great passwords.

  1. Start with a really simple word or name at least 6 letters long. I will use my name: navicosoft
  2. Change two letters to symbols that look similar. Use $ for s, @ for a, ! for i, and so on: na$vi@co
  3. Change a letter to a number that looks similar. Use 1 for l, 0 for o, 8 for b, and so on: na$vi@Co
  4. Include two Capital letters, like this: Na$Vi@Cos

Great! Now you have a password that is easy to remember, but hard to guess.

It is acceptable to make a few different passwords and reuse them for different sites and devices. Just be sure that you don't reuse your most important passwords.

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