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Artificial intelligence and machine learning kits can support you with content creation, SEO copywriting and content strategy endorsed by actual data, not with a hunch. Some gigantic brands are already practicing artificial intelligence to expand their business in their marketing and content management drives.

AI content marketing kits:

You can apply AI for content marketing to enroot strategies, calibrate operations, engage customers at escalating, and promote their content and web design. Catch a flash of a few of the best AI and machine learning content creation and content marketing kits underneath.


Grammarly is a machine that analyzes your grammar and spelling in actual time and provides valuable suggestions in an instant. It is like a standard spell checker on steroids as it runs in multiple browsers and machines. It can be integrated into many platforms.

Grammarly not only goes through if singular words are spelt correctly, or phrases are grammatically correct but still support context-outright suggestions, building style suggestions, one of the most profound features of Grammarly’s AI algorithm. In supplement, it owns free and offered benefits.

Atomic Reach:

Atomic Reach AI eliminates the guesswork and rewrites your composition in the style your audience prefers in conduct to support you to;

·         Rewrite content using precise and pithy language,

·         Optimize content enactment with the click of a button,

·         Segment content with unending profiles,

·         Uncover insights into why your content is producing,

·         Integrate smoothly into your workflow.



Textmetrics solves low quality of conversations, SEO optimization to generate more traffic and enhance text quality. You can catch up to your target audience with the right content and reach your goals with the benefit of Textmetrics.


MarketMuse supports AI-powered SEO copywriting recommendations and visions that guide your entire content creation squad and your complete content creation process. MarketMuse’s most elegant functionality is the intelligence to apply AI to kick-off drafting content based on those suggestions for you. is a powerful content machine that enables professionals and organizations to explore and publish content straight through its content kit. Moreover, it allows professionals to share influential ideas with the right audiences giving them the freedom to build and sustain a virtuosic content presence. retains many features that support you to;

·         Increase credibility with the audience,

·         Build brand recognition,

·         Create enthralling web pages from your chosen content,

·         Boost your social channels with organized content,

·         Enclose your content pages on your site.


Clearscope is an incredibly handy-to-use interface and content optimization kit that eases the content squad to know what to compose about, how to compose it. In addition, it handles data that supports a content marketer to fathom whether to write an article based on a discrete keyword and how many times they should employ that word in their content.


Topic is another profound solution that enables editors and agencies to build content briefs in a shortened time. It will support you to build rich-quality content in a practical sense. It provides you SEO copywriting optimized and produced with high visions that would be virtually unthinkable to obtain manual handling.

With the back of top 30 Google results about your focus keyword, Topic’s Outline Builder arranges the analysis into a comprehensive outline, instantly makes you know what your draft is losing, and finally optimizes before broadcasting. It obviously saves your time and leads you to higher and better content.


Another opportunity of AI content marketing kits is Frase, which practises artificial intelligence and machine learning. Its Integrated content optimization, site research, and communication AI kits support you catch with visitors on your site. It carries an AI-powered answer chatbot that employs content from your site to resolve user queries.


The end piece one among AI content marketing kits we prefer to mention is Surfer, which crafts content marketing strategy onto generating guidelines and visions with its artificial intelligence. Surfer’s algorithms produce a plan tailored to your domain, niche, and audience without lost time. So, it is a handy tool for copywriters, content creators, SEO agencies, bloggers, and freelancers to reinforce and optimize their contents.

Ending Thought:

We have rounded up the top-notch 10 AI & machine learning content marketing kits with their boast features and benefits. As we dwell in a fast-paced world, our demands are rapidly changing remarkably. So, suggesting a kit as the best fit for your business would not be honest. Before driving up your mind, you should watch your ever-changing needs efficiently.

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