Why WordPress is better than Squarespace? | 2021

A website act as a business card to any company or business. So people want to put in a lot of effort to make it as constructive as possible. However, while looking at the website creation platforms, anyone can get confused with plenty of choices, particularly selecting the best platform from WordPress and Squarespace. So here is a comparison to highlight why WordPress is better than Squarespace and the need for Wordpress Development Agency to create a WP website.

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Well! This is not a feature; however, it is important to mention how famous WordPress (WP) is. WordPress is powering around 41% of the World Wide Web. That is, there is nothing that you cannot build with WordPress. It does not matter it is a small business website or a large enterprise website. You can create homepages, magazine websites, e-commerce websites, blogs, portfolio websites, landing pages, social media websites, directories, and contact pages. 

However, Squarespace does not have such wide-ranged popularity.

Platform Difference 

The first difference is that WordPress is a CMS – Content Management System. On the other hand, Squarespace is just a website builder. So it is obvious that CMS will have more technological progression and in-depth features than the SaaS – Software as a Service.

Robust Customization 

Customization to ensure the peculiarity is a must-have to streamline your website's success, especially for a long time. WordPress, being a self-hosted platform, lets you have full control of your website. Already said, there are many website builders to start with. However, when people with less expertise opted for DIY, they got less on uniqueness, lacking the chance to stand out from the rest. Therefore, it is best to hire a WordPress development agency that can help you get a unique website wholly customized to your business goals by utilizing the customization option of WordPress in the best way.

Custom Coding 

Many people and even developers prefer to develop the website from scratch or even tweak the code to get personalized features. Interestingly, WordPress welcomes all who love to code, people who want to learn to code, and people who hate to code. So it is user-friendly whether a beginner uses it or a tech-savvy person.

On the contrary, if you prefer to have a code-free solution, Squarespace can be your preference.

Ease to use 

Speaking of ease to use, Squarespace got more points than WordPress.


Squarespace is like a ready-made box that, when you open, you get all the facilities lying in front of you. So you need not make any effort about the technical tasks, for instance, for Web Hosting,web security, updates, backups.

While WordPress solely relies on you, you have to find the host, take care of the updates, backups, scalability, and security.

But keep in mind WordPress has two different versions, namely Self-hosted WordPress via wordpress.org, that we mention in the above line. And the second is the Hosted WordPress via wordpress.com, which is similar to the Squarespace in easiness.  

Multi-lingual Websites

In addition, if you are looking to have a multi-lingual website, WordPress is better than Squarespace being one step ahead. WordPress has specific plugins that you can install, eventually making the translation and globalization of your content easy. In comparison, Squarespace lets you duplicate the pages into different languages.

Complex Websites 

Business needs, decide on the type of website that a person needs. So what if you need a complex or unconventional website (with features that usually small websites don't need to have)?

Gladly, WordPress can handle complex websites like a feather without compromising a bit of quality, particularly when you need to do custom programming and coding to install the functionality. For instance:

  • Selling with website
  • Customer-friendly options to schedule/ change the appointments online
  • Order placements, courier, and order tracking
  • Automating the in-house processes or paperwork on the website

And more.

Although we still have a long list to mention here, and we are on it, we hope that now you are aware of what makes WordPress having the upper hand on the Squarespace. So to create your online presence using WordPress, hire WordPress DevelopmentAgency and get a perfect WP website. 


Don't worry! We haven't forgotten SEO; we think that list will be incomplete without mentioning their SEO comparison.

Similarly, when it comes to SEO, WordPress is better than Squarespace because WordPress has robust features that you cannot expect from any other platform.

To make your site SEO-friendly, you can use extensive tools and plugins like Yoast SEO, All in one SEO pack, etc. In contrast, Squarespace has built-in SEO tools to optimize the website.

Themes & Plugins 

As far as themes are concerned, there seems to be a tie between the platforms because both have visually outstanding themes from sophisticated to bold, classic to modern themes.

Nonetheless, WordPress has thousands of plugins that anyone can contribute to and use, while Squarespace has its own integrations and extensions.

Plenty of Choices 

Similarly, you have a free hand to choose the features you want to integrate into your website. Alongside the features, you can also use your preferred tools while doing so. As mentioned above, a variety of plugins is available to choose from. In addition, you can have web hosting or a web host of your choice.

Whereas for Squarespace, it is indeed an all-in-one package and the best fit for beginners and busy persons who have no time to take care of the tasks. However, somehow it put some restrictions, being a curated and closed approach. For instance, when you want to use Squarespace, you are bound to buy the offered hosting, plan, and features.

Powerful Blogging Tools 

WordPress is the king here too!

Why do we say so? 

Being free, open-source, incredibly flexible, and design freedom, WordPress is the world's famous blogging platform. So can you imagine it has more than 60 million users?

Naming some of the tools to include Markdown and Podcast support, RSS feeds, Google Amp, Multiple contributors, etc., and on top of all, complete customization. In short, it has all to streamline your blogging, working faster, and writing better.

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