8 Things to Know If You Run an eCommerce Site!

Having a perfect eCommerce website isn't easy unless you hire a skilled eCommerce Website Development & Design company. Besides, an eCommerce website should be able to attract leads and make sales, orders to fill, and payments to receive. So, if you are to run an eCommerce site or already running an eCommerce store, there are important things that you must know to boost its performance.

Want to know them?

Stick tight till the end.

Deals, freebies, and free shipping should be your website's frequent buddies.

When you run an eCommerce site, you must be working smartly instead of working hard. People love to shop from the deals and the sales. Exclusive deals and lucrative discounts instantly grab the audience and visitors' interest, increasing conversions and sales.

Similarly, if possible, you can try free shipping too or adjust the minimum order price to include the shipping. Because many people, even if they like the product, hesitate due to taxes and shipping prices.

Your website should not be cluttered.

It is good if your website has an eye-catchy design. However, if your site has a complex and overly busy web design (cluttered website), it can break your website's actual strength (the products). In addition, such websites make user interaction somehow tricky, for instance, to identify the CTA buttons from the rest of the distracting images and ads.

You definitely want to make your eCommerce site their conversion point, then try to be as simple as possible.

Having a search bar is a must! 

Does your eCommerce store have a search bar?

Many people directly want to land on the desired page. However, while navigating the menu, others see plenty of choices from each category that often confuses them where to go. They certainly feel so, especially the websites with hundreds or thousands of products. What happens then is that the potential sales and likely conversions abandon the website.

So it is always a solid suggestion to add a search bar on the eCommerce website to eliminate the forced scrolling and time-wasting. In addition, you can also use filters.

For instance, the Amazon website has not only a search bar but also plenty of filters to sort and take you to your desired products.

Only a prime web host can cater to your website.

If you run an eCommerce Site, you need an excellent speed of the pages. In addition, the fast servers, sufficient resources, and space to store the products/ services data, managed features, and many more. The one source that provides all of these is Web Hosting.

Therefore, be wise while selecting a Web Host because the impact of Web Hosting Services is quite significant. For instance, according to a study, if your site pages do not load fast, you might have to lose 7% conversions. Also, it can cause a 16% reduction in customer satisfaction. 

So what you need to do is invest your money with a reputed web host to get full-featured and fast hosting. And take your eCommerce performance to the next level.

Prioritize mobile version 

Online shopping has shifted to smartphones (mobile devices) so having a mobile website is crucial to generate the sales that you might otherwise lose. In 2021, the growth of mobile eCommerce has increased by 22.3% more than the year 2020.

If your e-website doesn't have a mobile version yet, you are backfiring your efforts on your own. Be quick about signing up with an eCommerce Website Development & Design company to get a mobile-compatible site or an app. Eventually, streamline a smooth consumer shopping experience, checkout, and purchase in just a few clicks for your users.

Seamless Shopping cart and checkout

A study shows that around 28% of buyers leave the site and abandoned the cart saying the checkout process is very lengthy/ complex.

You should not reprise the same mistake and lose customers and sales.

Eliminate all the unnecessary steps from the checkout process and restrict the required information length. Secondly, it will be best to integrate checkout progress indicators to tell the buyers where they are now and how many steps are left to complete the purchase process. It will provide them with an excellent user experience. 

Multiple Payment Gateways

If you run an eCommerce Site, it will definitely have to deal with the customers globally. That being said, all customers have different and preferred payment systems. However, if the site accepts certain methods and rejects the others, the cart becomes bound to be abandoned as people sometimes don't have access or can have technical limits to payment options.

Therefore, add all that your customers might need, for instance, PayPal Apple Pay, credit and debit cards, cash on delivery, bank transfers, etc., are some of the popular payment methods adopted by the eCommerce sector.

SEO is your only search engine friend

75% of internet users never go beyond the first Search Engine Result Page (SERP), and less than 1% visit the second page. 

What if your website comes on the second page? And what if it is not even on the second page? What are you going to do? Your spent fortune and time will be worth nothing because your target audience will never get to know about you.

It indicates you need to secure positions on the first page. But, no worries, SEO serves the same purpose.

It isn't wrong to say that SEO is your one and only search engine friend that will invite the right people to your store at the right time. So never forget to hire SEO Services from a professional SEO Company to come to top places and attract qualified traffic. Not only attract the people but also convert the eCommerce visitors into your valuable customers

Wrapping Up!

If you run an eCommerce Site, the discussion mentioned above is all you should have known by now. So check what's your site is lacking and set on to made changes DIY (do it yourself) or via eCommerce Website Development & Design company, where needed.


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