What is new about WordPress Gutenberg | An intro

A new era begins with the addition of Gutenberg in WordPress. The WordPress developers, website developers, and theme designers will experience a fantastic innovation in WordPress 5. Here is a brief introduction to WordPress Gutenberg.

Gutenberg is a big help for the website developing company as it helps manage the layouts for better outcomes. Unfortunately, the WordPress content editor hasn’t updated much since 2003. Though, it has been working fine since then, even for blog posts with significant texts. However, it didn’t prove to be ideal for today’s media-rich posts. Hence, Gutenberg now helps the user with creating blocks. You can create blocks for texts, images, videos, and anything you wish to add to your post. Following this, you can drag these blocks easily around the page and create the layout you want. Furthermore, WordPress Gutenberg supports fancy titles, column creation, and full-width pull quotes etc.

Hence, it saves you from downloading third-party plugins. Instead, the editor allows you to manage your content with a variety of layouts. 

WordPress Gutenberg for developers

Gutenberg will be an essential part of the WordPress 5.0 version, and it will come out as crucial. This means it will be creating much fuss around the incompatible plugins. Though there will be no option to turn it off, there will be a free plugin to turn it off. Only in this way you can continue using the classic editor. 

With this, it is also said that Gutenberg is a reform to the content editing in WordPress. The WordPress team has designed it in a manner to reduce disruption for any website development company. In addition, it will be compatible with most of the plugins. 

What does WordPress Gutenberg offer?

Despite the mess with already in-use plugins, it is an excellent opportunity for web developers. For example, it will allow the users to play around the compatible plugins and themes. Furthermore, offer several other advantages in terms of features. 

Advantages & Disadvantages  

Like every update and innovation, Gutenberg also poses some advantages and disadvantages. Though Gutenberg is still in the early stages of development, it is expected that most of the changes will be positive. Following are some other advantages;

  • A more intuitive experience for users to create and edit posts and pages.
  • A more comprehensive range of effects and layouts
  • The editing interface is more focused to create content.
  • An opportunity to make a block and enhance the functionality

The disadvantages of WordPress Gutenberg are as follows;

  • A new feature always slowdown in the beginning. It takes time to adapt.
  • Website Development Company will have to prepare their plugins and themes for Gutenberg.
  • There are always bugs and teething problems with the significant changes. 

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