What are the cheapest TLDs?

Web Hosting & Domain are a must-have to get started with the digital presence. Individuals are to buy all hosting, domain, or sometimes Website Development too. It is evident that it becomes like breaking the bank for many people. That being said, no doubt the price is also paramount while buying a new Domain Name. Getting a cheap and relevant domain is more than enough to be a ground step for your online success. So let's take a glimpse at the cheapest TLDs and know the ins and outs of them.

Let's start cracking!


TLD is an abbreviation of Top-level domain, and it is the last part of a domain name, that is, the word that comes after the last dot. So officially, it has three categories.

  1. gTLD – Generic Tlds – Generic Top-Level Domains.
  2. sTLD – Sponsored Top-Level Domains.
  3. ccTLD – Country Code Top-Level Domains.

gTLD: It is the domain that anyone can buy without any location/ region or niche restriction. Naming some include .com.biz.info.org.net, .xyz.


sTLD: The domains sponsored by a specific body – government, business, ethnic community, professional groups. For instance: .gov – for government-related websites. Others include: .edu, .tel.asia, .jobs, .travel.

ccTLD: As the name suggests, it is a domain particular to a country – Country Code Domain Name. For example, you have seen .us – USA, .uk – United Kingdom, .pk – Pakistan, .fr – France, .cn – China, .ru – Russia, .ca – Canada.

Furthermore, Google accepts some other domains like .tv, .fm, .me.co as generic ccTLDs.

Your domain name describes your website mission or geographical location. For instance, .edu is for educational websites or institutions' sites. Similarly, .com is for commercial websites.

So it is crucial to have a domain name that narrates your business mission at first glance and lets users know what they can find on your website.

Cheapest Tlds – The real deal behind the TLD being 'cheap'!

The point is you need a domain that is cheap to buy and also cheap to retain. What we mean is that it's not all about the domain registration price; however, the renewal price matters a lot.

The first year's price is relatively low; however, the second-year charges are far higher than expected. What happens then is the domain owners have to pay it as they have already built their website around it.  

Therefore, it is a must to count on a cheap domain name while you are at it.

Now we will list some:

Cheapest TLDs 

When talking about the cheap domain, the typical price indication on average is from $0.99 to $14 concerning the registration. At the same time, the cheap renewal charges fall more or less in the range of $13 to $20 or $25

And the names of the affordable top level domains are

.com, .org, .pk, .net

Usually, domain prices vary with extensions. Also, the availability because many people fancy to buy them. As a result, if the domain availability starts decreasing and the Tlds' value goes up.

How to find the cheapest TLDs?

You can find a cheap TLD by looking into a couple of domain registrars and compare their prices. You will quickly know who is in your budget league and who can't be, so shortlist. Doing so might sound odd, but it helps many people find an affordable and valid domain name. 

While purchasing the domain, people want to consider the relevance to the specific market, SEO, and more. You certainly want to have an effective domain name. So even if you are getting it at a slightly higher price, you have to compromise the price a little bit.

Where to get the cheapest Tlds from?

Obviously, you will walk with the registrar at a low cost. However, alongside price, you need to check a few other things too. If the registrar efficiently fulfills the criteria, you are good to go. The factors include

  • Is the registrar is accredited by ICANN – Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers?
  • If it provides WHOIS Privacy?
  • What about customer support? Is it 24/7 via phone, email, and chat?
  • If it allows domain transfer if the user isn't happy with them?
  • If the registrar is secure?

Many Web Hosting Services provider companies also deal with domain registration and domain transfer. Now, it's your choice to either find a reliable, low-cost registrar where the registration and renewals are the cheapest. Or you can register with a web host that lets you Buy Cheap Domain Name.

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