What is IMUNIFY360?

IMUNIFY360 has got the people's attention dealing with the servers and online presence with its amazing features. So let's talk a bit about this, what it is and how it helps you.

With the rapid pervasiveness of the digital landscape, the need for virtual storage (web servers) has increased too. But, simultaneously, the number of threats and cyber-attacks have escalated too, with hackers being on the lookout to catch the vulnerable security – servers and websites, off guard and scanning and searching for exploits.

A great deal of websites gets hacked daily, especially WordPress websites. So whether you have a Web Hosting Services business or just have a server for your own website, you need to stay watchful of the server vulnerabilities.

But how?

IMUNIFY360 license is all that you need to lay your hands on!

That is, you have to find software that can put a shield around your web server(s) and save it from all the security strikes.

What is IMUNIFY360?

 IMUNIFY360 is a security-based solution for Linux web servers designed and developed by CloudLinux. It is based on machine learning technology and is a multi-layer approach security platform. Therefore, it shook off all the malicious attacks, abnormal behavior like brute force attacks.

The multi-layer approach consists of the following steps:

  • Real-time & Automated virus/ malware scanning and elimination
  • WAF – Web Application Firewall (Advanced firewall) with greylisting (protecting from spam) based on machine-learning instructions.
  • IDS/IPS – Intrusion detection system/ prevention
  • Server Kernel Patching (Rebootless kernel patch updating)
  • Website Reputation Management (fixing the blacklisting)
  • Web Applications Sandboxing (isolated testing environment)
  • harmful PHP scripts detection plus blocking
  • Web host panel integration.

Amazingly, it renders good compatibility with many control panels like cPanel, Plesk, and more. So the users can rest assured about its usability. In addition, you can use Imunify360 as a security suite for:

  • Malware on the website
  • Blacklisted domains
  • Security is expensive
  • Webspam
  • Outdated CMS

Purchase cheap licenses (Imunify360 license) and enable the software for your web server protection.

How Imunify360 works?

It uses real-time analyses of the scripts and identifies the threatening execution flows. Then, its multi-layered protection breaks off the malignant PHP scripts (all new and old) and ceases their running on the servers.

What makes the IMUNIFY360 the best solution for server security?

Here we will index the noticeable traits of this server software that will blow your mind.

Powerful Tool to Put an end to Latest attacks

No matter how strong and latest security attacks the hackers set forth, IMUNIFY360:

  • Resists all the Brute-force attacks (no matter it is on network or HTTP levels)
  • Eliminates vulnerability manipulation like zero-day attacks (Day Zero)
  • Also, it defends against attacks causing shut down of the machine/ network, and inaccessibility; DoS (denial of service attack)
  • Secures Networks ports from exploitation via Port scanning

Server security on Next Level 

The server is the central entity of any organization's IT infrastructure. However, the security risks, poor administration, and mis-configurations certainly affect its performance substantially and eventually the users accessing it remotely. Therefore, IMUNIFY360

  • Provides absolutely automated operation to ensure servers' safety and elimination of human errors.
  • Its herd protection powered by AI collect and control the danger intelligence reports
  • Its Intrusion detection keeps track of all the suspicious events, for instance, failed login attempts. It even blocks the domains and IP addresses causing such events.
  • In addition to the above, an integrated security console assembled into the hosting control panel.
  • Convenient CLI – command-line interfaces for automation and reporting

On top of all, it has reliable technical support to caters to the users' needs and queries round the clock.

An ideal folding leading to secure Websites 

A website is the business card that every business hands over to the users when they log in. However, the unauthorized attempt to steal, damage, and expose the data significantly affects the website users' interest to visit the site, whether first time or again. Eventually, at that time, the website owners have no room to escape the attacks. As a result, all the efforts, fortune, and money seem to be going downhill.

To eliminate such bottlenecks, IMUNIFY360 takes all the stress of cybersecurity regarding web servers. Besides, it assists in fixing the blacklisted domains, email addresses, and IP addresses. As a result, it streamlines the website working.

Wrapping Up!

Remember, security support like a strong antivirus and antimalware is a must-have to survive in this contemporary era. It is better to be prepared before any security strike causes you a downfall. Still and all, if you are facing any of the website malware and spam, blacklisted domains, expensive security, outdated CMS, or other issues? Just buy a software license named IMUNIFY360 license, and you will get a comprehensive security solution to let your servers run with rebootless consistency.

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